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Since its establishment, we have provided clients with highly specialized financial consulting services. We provide comprehensive services to our clients, from advisory to administrative management.

We focus on supporting foreign entities based on our expertise in the complex tax system and legal requirements in the international business environment. and We provide effective support in helping foreign entities achieve expansion toward success in the Japanese market.

In April 2023, we established a legal entity, Fuji Accounting Office Co., Ltd., and provide a part of our services through this entity. Our firm's mission is to sincerely support the growth of our clients and to respond flexibly and quickly to changes in the business environment.

Fuji accounting


1. Accounting

Our firm provides clients with accounting services based on solid expertise and strong support for our clients' management. With our extensive experience and highly specialized knowledge, we provide highly reliable services in a wide range of accounting operations, including bookkeeping and financial report preparation.

  • Bookkeeping, monthly account settlement
  • Accounting direction, self-enumeration support
  • Accounting software introduction support

Our firm provides comprehensive accounting support necessary for foreign corporations to expand their business in Japan. Our experts with knowledge and experience in a wide range of international transactions provide flexible and effective services tailored to our clients' needs. We can also handle bookkeeping and document creation in a format that is compatible with your country's accounting standards and accounting software.

2. Representative of Foreign Entities

When a foreign entity wishes to conduct continuous business in Japan, it is required to appoint a representative in Japan and register the existence of that foreign entity at a registry in Japan. In addition, when a foreign entity wishes to obtain licenses/permissions from regulatory authorities for its business developments in Japan, it may be required to appoint a representative in Japan to obtain such licenses/permissions. Upon being appointed as the representative, we provide clients with a contact point for correspondence and support smooth communication with the regulatory authorities.

It is important to appoint a representative who understands the legal requirements and cultural customs in Japan and can respond appropriately to the regulatory requirements. We help clients to smoothly develop their businesses and ensure compliance. In the unlikely event of a dispute or investigation by the regulatory authorities in Japan, we will help clients coordinate with an appropriate legal expert.

3. Financial Consulting

We provide comprehensive financial consulting services to help our clients' businesses achieve healthy and sustainable growth. Our service comprehensively covers formulating, implementing and monitoring a company's financial strategy, and supporting our clients' management teams in making accurate decisions.

  • Management and financial analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Incorporation, corporate formation support

We develop financial strategies based on the client's vision and goals. Through close communication with management, we develop financial plans that are appropriate for the business's growth strategy and risk management, and clarify policies for future business success. We project cash flow and propose optimal management methods to ensure appropriate management of funds and optimization of expenditures.

We help clients secure funding they need to expand their businesses and pursue new projects by developing and implementing effective financing strategies. We provide the most suitable financing method and comprehensive support from negotiation to reaching agreements.

Fuji accounting


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